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the word whisperer

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sonnet #2

Call me when the birds
Will sing their first Spring song;
Call me when the trees
Will wake and bloom in green;
Call me when the streams
Will gurgle through the woods;
I will come and dance,
And bring your soul a joy,
A heartfelt song of peace,
The gift of love – a kiss.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Raindrops rolling down the glass –
Crystal memories of time
That passed unseen and,
Like the drops of water,
Left no printed trail,
Save a sparkling streak,
A rainbow in the sun,
That vanished to eternity –
A world where dreams come true,
Where angels laugh and play
Their golden instruments,
Eden for the lost,
Rest for those who labour,
Creation in its bloom,
Where love and hope unite.


Some verses that came to mind as I toured the ruins in Rome, Italy.

Philosophers age-old
And gods long forgotten,
Ye stand in your might
Robed in fine marble,
Beheaded by time,
Neglect of earth’s life,
And nature’s dark storms.
Ye’ve lost many features,
Yet withstood all errors,
Gove to the living
Your knowledge and light,
Passion and beauty,
The salt of true faith,
And breadth to the view.