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the word whisperer

Monday, May 15, 2006


Decisions… whirling into her mind,
Haunting her existence,
Whirling up a tornado of emotions,
Shattering dams of tears
And sharp, echoing sounds
Called sobs, convulsions, despair –
You, stranger, lend her a smile,
Leave a violet within her cupped palms,
And disappear so she may have new hope.

Decisions… fading out of her mind,
Following her heart,
Inspiring a garden of smiles,
Adding fragrance to her every word
And song and breath
Called life, determination, peace –
You, stranger, shake your head,
Show a letter from your lover,
And walk away, so she may have new sorrow.


  • another nice one, I especially like the last two lines. Made me think about some things of the past... Jes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 17, 2006  

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