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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Return Anon, My Muse!

This is an experiment using Shakespeare words, i.e. "olde English." I've been reading some sonnets lately and got into the mood to try this out. Can't promise there are no mistakes though! :-)

A Poet's Calling to a Muse

Thou hast been gone a fortnight,
Whither I know not,
Thou hast not said good morrow,
Nor kissed me sweet farewell.
What meanest thou, my Fair,
By such impetuous conduct?
Hath not my shrift of love
Been warm enough to touch
Thy pure and gentle heart?
Nor hath my lips awakened
Thy fire of trust and faith?
Hath not my pen delivered
Truth’s testimony clear?
Thy visage floats before me,
As if to say good-den,
But wanes once darkness falls;
I prithee, come anon!
For I, my coz, have greatly
Struggled to produce
Words sweet and soft as dew.
There is no strength nor spark
Within my spirit left
To dip my pen in ink;
Thy absence – such a fray
To quench creation’s thirst
That hours turn to days;
Without thee, like a flower,
Too weak to lift its head,
I bend for Nature’s sake,
I call to thee, I sing,
Anon return, my Muse!
Return anon, my Fair!


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