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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chaos (or That's Ok.)

Perhaps a rant of a careless lunatic named Sarcasm??? ;)

Dusty floors and cobweb corners,
That’s ok – I can still sleep
And not mind my frequent sneezing.

Sticky gum and greasy napkins,
That’s ok – I’ll still step around,
Garbage cans take too much space.

Rotting wood and leaky ceilings,
That’s ok – I’ll wear a coat,
Perfume needs a certain purpose.

Jeans with holes and paint-stained shirts,
That’s ok – laundry, ironing, pains in the neck,
Clothes get dirty anyways.

Diet cokes and fat free chips,
That’s ok – I don’t lose weight, but they’re supposed
To help achieve that without need to wash the pans.

Life is bad in any case and we can’t
Make it perfect, so let’s just
Watch TV, fuck, eat, and sleep,
Hope to die and hope to be,
Worst of worst…
Preaching peace, yet wearing
Skull, bones, chains, and black,
Be egoistic and inhuman,
Walk away from common sense –

Nature’s always an obstacle
And loving people is impossible,
I, me, my, myself, and mine,
Blow up the earth – I’ll stay to see
What it is like to live in rubble –
Rubble other than my life.


  • Nice one.

    It's choatic madness, life is, especially in the urbane sprawl that New York is.

    Enjoyed reading your struggle against the elements.

    By Blogger Faris, at July 27, 2006  

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