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the word whisperer

Friday, September 15, 2006

Make It Worth

Just thoughts about how I feel about myself sometimes and my not-so-good characteristics.

Buzzing and struggling through
Torrents of emotions
Like a fly caught in the
Web can see sunlight free
Sense fresh air around but
Trapped in darkness, choking
Like a leaf spotted, curled
Up from a disease can’t
Stop the wind from swishing
Me against the plastic
Window of the play house
Pink and yellow – little
Girls are sweet when not spoiled
Don’t grow up to be me
Solve your problems, ensure
Your principles, life is
Worth living even when
It is miserable


Pink Gossamer Gowns

pink gossamer gowns
floating downstream past
fields of corn and wheat
banks of goldenrod and clover


crochets and lace
pearl buttons and ribbons
carried by murky waters
nipped by curious fish


eyes cast upward to the sun
reflecting puffy white clouds
and the deep blue color of pride
as it fades into content


seen by maidens, scorned by lads
floating downstream past
memories of teardrops, smiles, and kisses
pink gossamer gowns